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Pallet To Pallet Roll Turner

NEW solution to an old problem

Roll Turner Stages
  • Max Roll Load - B1000 - 1 tonne

                                    B2000 - 2 tonnes

                                  B3000 - 3 tonnes

  • Max Roll Diameter - 1300mm

  • Load Surface Area - 1300mm Width x 1230mm Depth

  • Rate of Turn - 8 seconds per cycle

  • 3-Phase motor (Single Phase optional)

  • Machine subframe: All parts are E-coated for corrosion protection and finished off with durable powder-coating

  • Electro Mechanical operation with Push button control panel indicating forward, reverse and auto stop

  • Control panel can be fitted to a wall or a separate stand by means of a +/- 5 metre cable

General Information


  • Less damage to material being handled. This is especially applicable to the paper industry when handling material with low surface friction. When using a forklift with clamps high pressures could be required to lift rolls thereby causing significant damage to the product. Also rolls could telescope from the core as the material moves to a vertical position. By using the Battalion no damage is caused to the roll

  • Material Weight; Heavy coils can be handled with ease

  • Flexibility of Battalion unit; Assigning the roll turning task to a dedicated machine frees up forklifts to handle other palletised rolls. No extra forklifts equipped with clamps are required. This reduces the number of forklifts needed, thereby increasing flexibility within a warehouse whilst at the same time reducing costs

  • Equipped with overload protection offering high operator safety. Overloading or mechanical failure will stop any movement of load

  • As a freestanding machine, it can very easily be moved by forklift to wherever it is needed

  • Very low maintenance compared to various hydraulic systems available

  • Enables loading and offloading material from any direction with no restriction on inbound/outbound material flow

Some Markets







General Information

  • Battery Driven

  • Make the handling of paper rolls easy and safe

  • Can be used sideways so it is easy to use in narrow spaces

  • Battery driven therefore no restricting air hoses which eliminates the range limitations experienced with pneumatic mover

  • Sturdy handle equipped with a belly button E-stop

  • LED indicator on handle to show battery life

  • All motors, chains, etc are hidden inside the chassis of the machines thereby avoiding these vital items getting damaged

  • Can handle rolls up to 10 tonnes

CFE Nordic
Roll Mover

Roll Turner

General Information

  • Manual Operation

  • ​Available in 2 sizes:

       270mm diameter - maximum roll weight 2.5 tonnes  

       440mm diameter - maximum roll weight 4.5 tonnes​

  • Lightweight - can be easily moved, 270mm unit is 8kg and 440mm unit is 14kg

  • Operation - place the turner on the floor, push the roll into the turner, turn the roll and push it off in the new direction

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